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How to Start Cocoberry Franchise: Cost and Requirements

Several food items have a significant place in our life right from our childhood till we become old. We are so indulgent of them that no day goes without consuming them. Some days look blank making us sense partial if we do not eat them. Such foods are indivisible from us. Some such foods that have entangled themselves with our life are curd, milk, fruits and vegetables. Curd and fruits in appropriate have been a part of the Indian lifestyle right from the days of well-known legends of India.

Cocoberry Franchise: Investments & Requirements

When it comes to artistry, food industry in the one where even sky is not the restraint. Newer recipes get fabricated throughout every cooking time right by individuals to honored Chefs. Normal familiar items are made so significant through such artistic minds that our life declines for the food items thus build in improbable manners. One such food item started by artistic minds is Cocoberry.

As the very name offers Cocoberry is the mix of fresh coco beans combined to berry fruits that are greatly sweet in nature. While this was the first mixture tried, today Cocoberry yoghurt is the favorite of the day. Fruits like Black Grapes, Blue berries Musk Melon, Strawberries, Mango, Pomegranate and Kiwi recover Berries to fit the choice of the users every now and then.

Cocoberry Franchise in India

Becoming a Cocoberry Franchise in India is no doubt a wise beneficial business deal for different we will additional discuss below. Cocoberry is not only a Cocoa Beans, Curd and fruits store. The quality of food items provided by this food brand is alluring.

Be it the cold and hot drinks or the mouth watering toppings of fruits and nuts like walnuts, Badam, Pista that are offered with the Yogurt, Cocoberry is one of the favored brands of today’s youth and health aware people. The sandwiches offered here are one of its types and there are many people who visit Cocoberry frequently for these enjoyable sandwiches.

Cocoberry frozen Yogurt is beloved by many crosswise the nation. More and more people have initiated selecting Frozen Yogurts that are affluent in Calcium to Ice creams that have Zero nutrient value. The variety of Cocoberry foods is so huge that the brand tops the other identical brands in the food arena. Frozen Yogurts is a health familiar brand that concerns for the customer’s health through their great quality health affluent foods.

Cocoberry has settled itself in a humble way just in six cities crosswise the country. Having its existence in considerable metros like Goa, Mumbai, Noida, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and New Delhi, the brand has beliefs to open more Franchisees in the years to come. This is the accurate time to cover for a Franchise status of Cocoberry.

Cost of Investment to become a Cocoberry Franchise

The area requirement to open a Café Cocoberry in Tier 1 cities is nearly 400 square feet to 1000 square feet. To open Cocoberry2Go in working commercial streets or malls, the area requirement is nearly 150 square feet to 300 square feet. To open Cocoberry Kiosk, the area requirement is as essential as 100 square feet.

Depending on the area and space to be opened, the starting investment to become a Cocoberry Franchise may vary, 20 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs being the suggestive cost of investment though.


Cocoberry management has a concise list of regions they promote to open Franchises in the future. Visit their official website and fill up the form applicable for the objective. If you meet all the procedure, you can definitely become a Cocoberry Yogurt Franchise in small period of time.

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