Top 10 Preschool Franchises In India: Most Profitable Play Schools

India has many number of Preschools. The idea of pre schooling developed in India a couple of decades back and has been establishing quickly in the today’s scenario. While there are various preschools across different fields in India, we require here details to become the retailer of some main preschools in India that are famous than others.

Best Preschool Franchises In India

1. Kidzee

Kidzee is treated as one of the leading preschools in India. With its branches extending in 330 cities in India, 900 of its branches is running favorably almost for a decade now. To become a Franchisee for this great preschool structure in Asia 5 to 10 Lakhs is the minimum amount to be spend. The suggested rug space to open a Kidzee preschool is 2500 Sq Ft.

2. EuroKids

The first of its type of preschools that operate with International standards as the basis, Eurokids has 884 branches functioning in 311 Indian towns. 10 to 15 Lakhs being the starting investment requirement, 2000 Sq Ft. area is needed to open a Franchisee.

3. Shemrock

Shemrock, the forward player preschool is exist in 27 States containing the Union territories. Shemrock boasts of 3 Lakhs plus favorable alumni and a Shemrock Franchisee can be begun with an starting investment of 7 to 8 Lakhs in a area which is not less than 2500 Sq. Ft rug area.

4. Bachpan

With around 900+ releases over different parts of India, anyone who has 8 to 10 Lakhs investment ability and a maximum of 2000 Sq Ft space can go in for becoming a Bachpan Franchisee.

5. Hello Kids

Hello Kids is a mix of Montessori, Play way and Gurukul approach of teaching children. Whoever desires to become a Hello Kids Franchisee desires to spend a maximum of 5 Lakhs. Hello Kids can be launched in a 1000 Sq Ft area.

6. Tree House:

Treated as one of the leading preschools in India, to become a Franchisee of Tree House fundamentally 10 Lakhs investment is needed. A 1000 Sq Ft area satisfy the space requirement to manage a Tree House Franchise.

7. Maple Bear

Maple Bear is one of the best choices for those who are crucial about initiating a Preschool Franchise. The international standard education offered here makes it the prefferred choice of many parents who are fascinated about value and standard. Get in touch with them to acquire details on becoming a Franchisee for them.

8. Bright Toddlers Education Pvt. Ltd.

With a today’s strength of 12 schools all over India, those who wish to become Tier 1 Franchise of Bright Toddlers Education Pvt. Ltd. require to invest 4 Lakhs. Those who want to become a Tier 2 and Tier 3 Franchise require to spend 3.50 Lakhs and 3 Lakhs respectively. Bright Toddlers dealership is Royalty free and the break time period is wonted in 8 months. The minimum square feet space for begun a Franchise is 1000 Sq. Ft

9. Abacus Preschool Chain

Abacus Preschool series is the sister concern of The Abacus Central School and has more than 100 preschools functioning over India. Anyone who desires to become a Franchise for Abacus Preschool require to spend one Lakhs for the same and space needed for operational goals is just 500 Sq. Ft.

10. Little Millennium

Little Millennium Franchise can be begun with a total investment of 7.3 Lakhs and can be conducted  out of a 2000 Sq Ft space. Little Millennium charges 15% of the yearly gross receipts as the Royalty Fee which is restricted of tax. While a break even period on the investment can be expected in two years time the ultimate greatly researched curriculum makes it the preferred choice among its competition.

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