Top 10 Best Pizza Franchise Opportunities In India

Top 10 Best Pizza Franchise Opportunities In India

We all are know about this most popular Italian dish – Pizza. From children to adults, this dish is ranked the top food element that is ordered as a feast or take away food in most of the restaurants and hotel contributing this in their menu.

Top 10 Pizza Franchises In India (2017)

Pizza is a dish that has taken its beginning from a Neapolitan food. It is a baked dish, commonly on round bread which has a heap of toppings that involve a sauce of tomato, cheese and vegetable toppings (both veg and non veg).

So, if you have earlier begun to desire for a pizza, there are the top 10 franchises from which you can select anyone according to your choice –

1. Domino’s Pizza

No Indian has been distant from this pizza supply. This is known to be the second biggest franchise for pizza with over 10 thousand franchises and joint stores expand across various countries. This is the store that promise 30 minutes delivery. So, go forward and examine their special cheese burst pizzas today.

2. Pizza Hut

A company located out of America, enrolled into the Indian market and there has been no appearing back since then. This is a ancillary of Yum! Brands inc, which is the globe’s greatest restaurant. Spread in over 40 cities of India, Pizza hut takes dignity in providing a vast range of veg and non-veg pizzas.

3. Pizza Corner

This pizza franchise was organised in the year 1996 by GFA (Global Franchise Achitects). This store popular in offering Indian tastes in Pizza with options of hand tossed coatings. It also offers 30 minutes guaranteed delivery within their home delivery area.

4. Papa John’s

This store is well-known all over for its superior pizza tastes and amazing customer service. It has been renowned as the ‘best pizza’ in the analysis collected. It has an ample variety of pizzas along with pastas and beverages. Also treated as the greatest quality of pizza since the last 6 years!

5. US Pizza

This pizza franchise has been ranked as India’s number one pizza brand. As one can figure out from the name, it is a brand possessed by a US company, United Restaurants Limited. This company was integrated in our country. It is the first pizza franchise that takes the top position in using freshly baked pizza bases. They provide home delivery too in various cities of India.

6. Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza

This pizza series is an Indian origin, with its center of operations 0in Mumbai. It has nearly 50 outlets expand across the country. This store has a distinctive feature of pizza sandwiches apart from providing basic Italian dished involving garlic breads and salads. This store begun in India, and has been favorable in flourishing their operations to international cities as well.

7. Sal’s Pizza

This Pizza franchise, Sal’s Pizza is a series located out of New England. The distinctive feature of this store is that it is known to deliver a 19 inch pizza that weighs three pounds. This pizza store is flourish in many different cities of the country and is known to offer an average of about 60, 000 pizzas on a weekly basis.

8. California Pizza

Most commonly known as CPK, this is a brand that is very famous for its inventive flavors. So far they have influential innovation for both veg and non veg. Some of their rare pizzas involve Thai Chicken Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza etc. They have also been revolutionary in Pastas and salads and also deliver a wide variety of desserts and sandwiches.

9. Chicago Pizza

This is one pizza franchise that is known to provide core non veg pizzas involving Buffalo wings, subs and breadsticks. This is a store that has its basis chains in Ohio.

10. Eagle Boys

This is an Australian established Pizza chain that had enrolled the country and created actually a rage. It is known that it was collected by Pizza Hut, in November 2016 and from there on, this franchise, Eagle Boys has been establishing their stores all over India. They have a great variety of pizzas that are popular in Australia.

All these releases are expand across in most of the cities and towns of the country.

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