SEMrush Mobile SEO Exam (Nov 2020)

  1. Choose The Correct Statement About Mobile Searchers According To Google Research.
  2. When You’re Designing Content For Your Site, You Should Design Primarily For Desktop Screens, Then Use CSS To Adjust What’s On Mobile.
  3. Google’s Spiders Render Your Pages Because Google Wants To Crawl Your Site As Humans See It.
  4. What’s One Simple Mobile UX Code Change That Will Help You Get More Form Conversions?
  5. Choose 2 Correct Statements About Site Load Speed.
  6. What’s Better For Your Business? AMP Or PWA?
  7. Why Are AMP Sites Faster?
  8. What Kinds Of Businesses Need Local SEO?
  9. Adding Your City Or Location Keyword To Your Meta Description Helps You Rank Better For Mobile Searches.
  10. What Makes Your Website Responsive?