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An effort to bring forward the major part of the country to invest their money in one of the best asset classes in the world i.e. Stock Market. As per National Securities Depository Limited, in the population of 125 crore people in India, total Demat account holders in India is less than 1.5 crores. Our aim to increase this number by advising them about stock market investment for maximum profits. This is done by educating them to become financial literate via Offline workshops PAN India.



Open a Upstox Account

  • Higher Leverage : 20X margins on Equity trades. 4X margins on Futures & Currencies. 1.33X margins on buying Options.
  • Charts & indicators : Place Buy/Sell orders & see order/position books directly from charts. 100+indicators to help you analyse the markets!
  • Advanced Options strategies : Profit from advanced options strategies including: Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly. Place orders using options strategies directly from Pro trading platforms.
  • One common account for all : Manage your equity trades and mutual fund investments ALL from a single account.