Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam Answers 2020

Ms. Yang’s Students Love Reading Books In Which They Can Choose How The Story Progresses By Making Choices For The Characters. These Books Are Also Known As “Create-Your-Own-Adventure” Stories. She Wants To Deliver More Dynamic Content To Her Students Based On Their Answers And Discussions In Class. What Are Some Ways She Can Do This With Google Tools?

  • Create Sheets that contain links to jump to a particular slide in a separate Slide presentation
  • Record topics that were discussed with the most enthusiasm in a Sheet and share it with the students.
  • Create Slide presentations that jump to particular slides based on certain responses or discussion points
  • Create a YouTube video containing a Form with a list of questions, with responses fed directly into a Sheet
  • Create Forms that redirect students to specific questions or content based on their answers

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