Google Ads Apps Assessment Answers 2020

Janelle’s Running A Google App Campaign And Knows That Although It’s Powered By Machine Learning, Her Inputs As A Marketer Still Matter A Lot. In Which Three Ways Can Janelle Best Guide The Machine Toward A Successful Outcome? (Choose Three.)

Here is the answer of the question: Janelle’s running a Google App campaign and knows that although it’s powered by machine learning, her inputs as a marketer still matter a lot. In which three ways can Janelle best guide the machine toward a successful outcome? (Choose three.)

  • Janelle can set location targeting at the ad group level.
  • Janelle can provide the system with abundant data and time.
  • Janelle can adjust bids daily to ensure the campaign stays on target.
  • Janelle can evolve campaign strategy over time.
  • Janelle can set bids and budgets strategically.

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