IIJT Franchise: Starting Cost, Procedures, Return

If you are thinking about IIJT business franchise in your locality in India, then you are on correct place. Mr. Yashwant Sinha the former Finance Minister is the respectable President of IIJT. IIJT was initiated in 2006. From the very first day the franchise is establishing strong and stretching their edges day by day.

IIJT Business Franchise In India

In the existing time IIJT is treated as the speedy and the most incredible educational brand in the country. In this post, today we will have a precise look over the IIJT franchise, the total investment, the returns and why should one spend in an educational franchise in the current time.

Investing in IIJT franchise

Everything initiated in the year 2006 with the opening of IIJT, the speedy growing educational franchise business in India. Till date there are around 275 IIJT centers in India nourishing the potential of knowledge to more than 10000 students. It is said that IIJT has settled over 5000 students in different national as well as international companies. The franchise is well establish in top three sectors, finance, retail and information technology which are studied as the fastest expanding sectors in India.

Now, we are talking about the starting investment that one require to invest in order to start the franchise of IIJT. The starting investment is around 12 to 15 lakhs. So this can be treated as the best choice for low investment venture. And if you have an ownable property then IIJT franchise is the best choice for you to make money. So over all spending in one of the speedy expanding educational business brand is a suitable contract.

Requirement for Starting IIJT franchise

As specified above the starting or say the almost accurate investment range between 12 to 15 lakhs. The starting investment figure also involves the franchise fees of around INR 4 lakhs. Apart from the franchise fee the starting investment also contains advertising, laboratories and classrooms, and marketing. The minimum space needed to start IIJT franchise is 1000 sq. ft. in supermarkets, high footfall commercial areas, and malls.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The basic investment needed in order to start IIJT franchise is around 30% in India. The wonted return on investment of the franchise is 30%. The return period range from 1.5 to 2 years. The regional rights are also given to the IIJT franchise.

Reason why IIJT is the fastest growing brand?

We are saying that IIJT is the quickly expanding educational franchise in India, but let us have a look at the reason behind it.

  • Faculty selected are of well qualified.
  • Major concentrate lies on serving practical skills.
  • Courses are created as per industry’s investigation and research.
  • Awesome infrastructure.
  • Pliable payment option.
  • Acknowledged certification adding quality to your profile.

The support from the IIJT franchise

The initial agreement of the franchise is for 3 years and it is renewable. The assistance offered from the franchise is fabulous presenting training program at the head office. The franchise fees of INR 4 lakhs involves needed software and hardware support. There is no minimum guarantee, however it is made sure that maximum benefit is gained by individual unit.

Starting IIJT franchise

After going through the details and the need of the franchise if you want to spend in this IIJT franchise then this is the valuable part for you. You require to call IIJT franchise contact persons, Mr. Subhankar (+919874710802) and Mr. Ritesh (+919831339752). These personalities will teach you with the entire process on applying for IIJT franchise.

The franchise is the best choice for the one looking for low basic investment as a very tremendous brand name is linked with it. Give a break and all the best for your franchise.

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