How to Start Subway Franchise In India: Cost, Profit and ROI

How to Start Subway Franchise In India: Cost, Profit and ROI

If you wish to start subway franchise near your locality, then you are on correct place. Subway is one of the most important Franchisees of the world. Marking its existence in 102 countries over the globe it has 39 thousand subsidiaries. Its Franchise numbers in India is presently 353 and is continually increasing every passing day. The brand is hugely strong and competitive that many people desire to become a Franchise for the same.

Subway Franchise Fee, Cost and Investments

Be it the great quality exclusive food items that Subway provides to its customers or the most economical investment choice it offers to people who are concerned to become its Franchisee, association with subway is a beneficial business deal. Let us have a discussion on the investment that require to be done to open a Subway Franchise in India, the benefit levels and the possibly period of break even.

Is becoming a Subway Franchise in India a profitable venture?

Subway has visited a long competitive way from 1965 to arrive the number one level it is in the food zone today. Dropping in the Quick Service Restaurant class of the food industry. Subway assures that bacon and beef are not used in their foods or restaurants in India concerning Indian religious emotions.

The category of dishes which are absolutely vegetarian provides a feast to the daily customers of subway across India. Some of its special dishes which have a extremely large fan following are Paneer Tikka, Veggie Patty and Aloo Patty which have a extremely large fan following all over India.

Subway is such an organised brand not only in India but all over the world that when you become a Franchisee for Subway, the brand pushes your business rather than you pushing the sales team for business. Sales happen so naturally that your needed effort levels to sell huge volumes remain minimal.

The particular items sold appeal to people for the quality already organised by Subway as a brand. The quality factor which is the aim attention at Subway also is another mark of sales and sells products by itself without a lot marketing or sales effort from your side. Make use of all these powers of Subway as your selling point. Become one of the profitable Franchisee of Subway in India and become a existing example for astonishing a beneficial venture with Subway.

Investment to be done to become a Subway Franchisee

There is no continuous communication from the Subway management belonging to the starting investment needed for becoming a Subway Franchisee. However, based on the conclusions and studies done at the market level it is seen that 25 to 30 Lakhs may be the amount needed to be thrilled in as starting investment. Nearly 4.5 Lakhs is owed as Franchisee Fee and 3.5% to 8% of the net sales are owed towards Royalty Fees and Advertising cost.

Sub way suggests the Franchise to have 170 Sq. Ft space for the food court and 350 Sq Ft. for non-food court area. The minimum work force needed to manage a Subway Franchisee is 8 personnel. The common operating cost will be 1 Lakhs per month and the break even period can be attained at the rate minimum 40% per year. Stay in touch with Subway Regional Sales Manager or Franchise Sales Department openly to figure out the details brass-tacks.

Steps to apply to become a Subway Franchise

Subway has a brochure that involves all relevant details that one who wants to become a Franchise would inquire for. Go through the same in an accurate manner and figure out the responsibilities in both the sides towards each other. Fill in the form precisely and put the same to Subway. If you suitable in all criterion you will be picked as a Franchisee by Subway.

Subway India Franchise: Contact details

Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.
B 11/1, Okhla Industrial Area , Phase II
New Delhi -110020
Telephone: 011 41754035, 011 41708082.



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