How to Start Mahindra First Choice Franchise: Investment, Cost

Mahindra First choice is a famous car Company in India. However the brand is so well entrenched that it would be relevant if we say that Mahindra First Choice is perceived as the No. 1 brand in participating with multiple brands of used cars. Over the past few decades Mahindra First Choice has maintained the first place as a used car dealer offering superb service to its customers.

Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India

The great quality cars sold out to its customers has made it the favored preference while the fact is that, there is not straight competition to Mahindra First choice. While many yearn to become a Franchise for Mahindra First Choice, we suggests here some related facts with respect to the same.

Advantages of becoming a Mahindra First Choice Franchise

Mahindra First choice is an off launch of Mahindra, which is an well-established brand in the automobile sector. Mahindra First Choice itself is such an entrenched name in the used car sector that anyone becoming a Franchisee don’t require to spend any intention in developing the brand name or spend in any marketing activities.

Mahindra First Choice used cars have been approved by CertiFirst which is a greatly respected certificate in the used car sector. The individual becoming a Franchise for Mahindra First Choice has the benefit of using the Warranty First idea commonly provided to all used cars sold by Mahindra First Choice to its customers.

Selling used cars is a complicated business and so getting addicted to deal with such cars needs some skilled counseling. Mahindra First Choice Franchisees gets this advice automatically by honor of being their Franchise. The trust aspect and good will that the brand has assembled in the society passes on to the Franchise also improving sales opportunities by leaps and bounds.

Managing the quality affirmation factor will not be a difficult job for a Franchise since Mahindra First Choice has well arrange processes and a 118 pointers checklist that wrapping the complete quality factor. This naturally takes care of the quality factor spreading the customer base of the Franchise naturally.

On the investment factor too, becoming a Mahindra First Choice Franchise is a feasible opportunity since Mahindra has binds with so many banks over the finance field that getting loans for growth and settlement becomes an easy case.

The Franchisees of Mahindra First Choice get huge quality Training and relief from Mahindra. In fact Trainings are made mandatory to the staff and owners as an intention towards making the Franchise a profitable business deal.

Investment cost and space requirements

To initiate a Mahindra First Choice Franchise, the minimum area requirement determined is nearly 1000 Sq Ft area which is needed to park nearly 15 to 20 vehicles. Money requirement for investing to establish Mahindra First Choice Franchise actions is minimum 30 Lakhs and maximum 50 Lakhs. Once you have the required area and money in hand, start the Application process so that you move ahead towards becoming the Franchise of one of the craved business system in India.

Application Process

The application process to become a Mahindra First Choice Franchise is an easy one. Fill in the Franchisee application applicable in Mahindra First Choice website offering all suitable details asked for in a complete and accurate way.

Give only appropriate information which is right in nature since Mahindra has powerful systems in place to cross check the details provided by a anticipated Franchise. Attach all the documents that are being demanded for along with the application. If your application passes through the refining process you will be called for personal analysis.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd.
10th Floor, DLH Park, S.V. Road,
Near Goregaon West Telephone Exchange,
Goregaon (West).
Mumbai – 400062.

Phone: 1800 102 4800 (Toll Free)
Mobile: 5757555 (SMS)

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