How to Start Juice Lounge Franchise: Cost and ROI

How to Start Juice Lounge Franchise: Cost and ROI

The modern generation of today has understood adequately that health is wealth. Even while with friends outdoor, they look to go in for healthy food instead of the junk ones which cause disorder to health. Specifically in India where most of the states have summer for 11 months in a year, the humidity and thirst levels are always at top. This necessarily drives people in search of cool drinks that satisfy their thirst.

Juice Lounge Franchise Investment and Requirements

When we can serve such people who come in search of cool drinks with health joined to it, it becomes services to the society as well as a reasonable commercial venture. When it comes to juice shops, quality concerns the most since bad quality water or accessories used may cause health complications repulsing the customers from coming back to the shop again for quality problems.

Juice Lounge Bar is a great quality juice shop that is well known for its quality. We give here some important information belonging to Juice Lounge Bar in the paragraphs given below.

Is it really beneficial to become a Juice Lounge Bar Franchise?

The first juice Lounge Bar came in to survival in the year 2005 in India. The quality offered by the Juice Bar and the exclusive delightful taste added to its customers in a very short period of time. The different categories of fresh fruit juices provided here apart from the seasonal ones are of great quality made from good prepared fruits all through the year. Though seasonal fruits are available only during particular seasons of the year sensibly, the quality and expertise seen in these fruit juices have a huge fan following of one of its variety.

Owing to the value of its services as well as products, Juice Lounge Bar has expand its wings in more than 40 places over the India as well as abroad. Qatar and Maldives are two abroad targets which have Juice Lounge Bars that offers international class juices to its foreign customers. Juice Lounge Bar has fascinated so many foreigners in these countries to such an extent through its precise quality and excellent service that more Franchisees may come up in other countries quickly.

The aspect that Juice Lounge Bar sells great quality Fresh Fruit Juices with sort of sandwiches appeals to today’s youngsters for whom eating together makes the get together complete. While the multi variety sandwiches satisfy the hunger fast and fresh fruit juices adds quality to the health quenching the thirst.

Cost of investment to start a Juice Lounge Bar Franchise

The cost of investment to become a Juice Lounge Bar Franchise rely upon the model you wish to execute and the location you plan to start the Franchise. A normal Franchise in a small area in a congested region may call for a minimum of 8 to 9 Lakhs investment. For a situation, if you plan to start a Juice Lounge Bar as an Outdoor Kiosk, it has to be made as water proof and constructed with Aluminium Composite Panel. For building such a structure the close investment is 11 Lakhs.

If Juice Lounge Bars is outlined in locations like a shopping mall or multiplex cinema regions, then the cost of investment may be nearly 7 to 10 Lakhs. While the minimum space needed to open a Juice Lounge Bar is 300 square feet there is no maximum limit and it depends completely on the volume of the Franchise. If the Franchise choose to open Juice Lounge Bar in a 1000 square foot area, the cost of investment can extend as higher as 15 Lakhs.

Apply for a Juice Lounge Bar Franchise by downloading the Application Form for that purpose from their official website.

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