How to Start Hello Kids Franchise: Cost, Investment and Process

Education has become very essential in today’s life. In former days, students were admitted in schools only when they were 5 years of age. Now the style is to admit small kids in an environment that is compatible to their early growth which casually prepare them to go to school everyday.

Hello Kids Play School Franchise In India

Play schools maintain such a compatible and favorable environment to children. As long as there are many play schools in India, Hello Kids is the most excellent among them. We transfer here some useful information regarding becoming the Franchise of Hello Kids Play School in India.

Why should one become a Hello Kids Franchise?

Any business project is a favorable outcome when the quality of the same is at praiseworthy levels. Hello Kids is an ISO 9001-2008 certified play school. This certification is rewarded to a business individual only when the devotion levels to the set standards are met on every condition.

In india, not every play school is ISO certified since the standards to be clash for getting the certification are rigorous and hard. The matter that Hello Kids have been certified ISO devotee clearly states the influence that a Franchise has to its profit.

Hello Kids is an ISO certified as well as it is the first and foremost play school group initiated in India. Having invented the industry, Hello Kids has become so favored its reliability being rated very high. The world class education provided by Hello Kids is one of its type and doesn’t have competition in any other such types of schools.

Hello Kids assures kids are educated in the appropriate and complete way so that they are prepared to face difficult situations in their student life. Achieving its role in furnishing a strong basement for the children’s future, Hello Kids because of its high standards offers outstanding training to children in Montessori and Nursery levels.

While all the above details speak for themselves, the truth is that Hello Kids is a greatly polished brand that has settled itself apart from resemblance in the field of education. Its 200+ Franchise running profitably across the country speaks volumes about its progress.

Anyone becoming a Hello Kids Franchise come into the business scheme with sharp backup. Hello Kids Franchise not require to put any intention for advertising their services to enhance the scope for business. They will be able to preserve the business with wonderful profitability while offering world class education services to their customers. All these reasons make Hello Kids Franchise a beneficial and reliable one.

Cost of Investment to become a Hello Kids Franchise

For the kind of organised brand Hello Kids is, the starting investment requirement is very low. The cost requirement ranges between 2.5 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs for becoming a Franchise for Hello Kids in rural areas whereas for becoming a Hello Franchise in Urban areas, the cost requirement is 3.5 Lakhs to 4.5 Lakhs. Whichever approach it is looked at, the total investment at any stage of time is not more than 10 Lakhs.

Hello Kids confirms to go in for a minimum of 1000 Sq Ft area to set a Franchise. Hello Kids being an organised brand with all necessary approvals in place, attending classes between U.K.G to Montessori Level 3 does not create requirement for the Franchise to administer for any approvals from Government for the same task.

Hello Kids Contact Info:

Hello Kids Education India Pvt. Ltd.
3M-213,3rd Floor Govind Narayani Tower
East Of NGEF,Service Road
Kasturi Nagar Outer Ring Road
Bangalore – 560043, Karnataka,India

Franchisee Enquiry:
Admission / General Enquiry:

Return on investment to the Franchise

Hello Kids provide absolute area right to each of its Franchise. This being the case, if 40 to 50 students are trained regularly in the Franchise in every class, 100% break even may be possible within a short period of time.


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