How to Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise: Cost & Opportunities

How to Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise: Cost & Opportunities

Domino’s Pizza was initiated in 1960 as a small outlet and now after these many years Domino’s pizza is one of the prominent brand for delivery delightful pizzas all over the world offering more than 1 million people over 70 countries having more than 10000 outlets. So I don’t think any more introduction is needed to Domino’s Pizza as they have come a long course from a single outlet to 10000 outlets.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise: Cost & ROI

So are you thinking about to open a Domino’s Pizza franchise? In this action you need to have an understandable view over the investment needed, royalty and the benefit that you will gain after your investment.

Initiating Domino’s Pizza Franchise In India

Let us have a fast view over the history of Domino’s Pizza franchise in India. In India Domino’s Pizza is under Jubilant FoodWorks limited and the first outlet of Domino’s Pizza in India was started by the in 1996 in Delhi.

In a short while apart from veg and non-veg Pizzas Domino’s is serving various other different food products like varieties of pasta, Garlic bread, Butterscotch Mousse cake, Taco Indians and chicken wings and are very famous among the customers of Domino’s. Presently there are around 552 Domino’s pizza outlets over the 130 cities in India possessing jaw dropping share of around 62% of pizza market and 72% share of pizza delivery in India.

NOTE: Domino’s franchise in India can be launched only as a partner of Jubilant Food Works limited, so be attentive of any scammers assuring you for Domino’s franchise in India.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Investment, Royalty fees and Benefit:

When you looking for being a part of such a great franchise you require to devote good amount of your economy. However you can be ensured that your investment will not be loss as you will get good structure of return too. Currently, the company has 387 stores functioning by themselves and around 9653 franchise all over the world.

In US the cost of initiating Domino’s pizza franchise is around $50,000 to $500,000 and the total investment figures out to be around $119,950 to $461,700. Speaking about the Indian currency the amount near around 65 lakhs to 2 crores. But the value is different for the non classical outlets and the temporary stores as they need less amount of investment of about 50 lakhs and 30 lakhs respectively.

The royalty fees or say the service concern fees for the Domino’s pizza franchise is about 5.5% of store’s weekly royalty sales and 4% advertising fund is made smaller for the non classical and the temporary stores, 1.5% analysis expenses $1000 for training, and $1500 for transfer.

Apart from this there are certain other charges like compensation, charges for testing and assessment, costs of administration and these may alter from place to place. There is a distinct amount of around $415 charge for Annual Software Enhancement fee to be owed every year. The amount specified in dollars and the royalty fees may vary in India.

Domino’s pizza franchise is classify in 2 different classes, internal class for the ones who have already  processed for the Domino’s in the posts like general manager etc. for around 1 years and the other is external class franchise for the newcomers.

Contact details of Domino’s Pizza franchise

Following are some of the descriptive contact details about Domino’s pizza franchise.

Jubilant FoodWorks limited registered and corporate office
B 214, Phase II, Noida – 201 305
Phone: +91 – 102 – 4090500, Fax: +91 – 120 – 40905599
Official website:

So quickly check on the domino’s franchise and if you have any additional queries you can get in touch with the officials in the above mentioned contact details.

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