How to start a Little Millennium Franchise?

Little Millennium is the Leading Preschool Series in India. It is one of India’s biggest and most admired names in education. They put attention on constructing the suitable foundation for the children through play activities and cooperative group work. Little Millennium preschool is examined one of the speedy spreading preschool brands in India. Not to disclose, it contains 500 preschool centers across 100 and has dressed over 50,000 children till date.

Little Millennium preschools bring the children ready to take the First Big Step into the world of organized learning. Actually, it assures whole development of every child by following Subsequent Learning and Developmental Milestones through its preschool curriculum developed particularly for 2-6-year-old. The curriculum targets to offer children with a solid academic foundation by executing a multi-sensory unified approach to early education.


1. Vision & Goal of Little Millennium

Little Millennium’s Vision is to empower, electrify and embellish childhood by promoting the growth of mind, body, and spirit, which will help children to become long-lasting learners. Little Millennium’s Mission is To cultivate young minds in a culturally suitable environment and offer opportunities that will help them appreciate their true potential.Opening a Preschool is one of the most beneficial franchise opportunity in India. It provides high returns on low investment. This is the greatest time to analyze the opportunity of opening your own preschool due to the high demand for preschool education from parents and the deficiency of quality preschool curriculum. 

2. Minimum requirements essential to become a Little Millennium franchisee:

(1) Love for children and developing learners

(2) Business Awareness with a long-term vision in mind

(3) Devotion for Growth and Entrepreneurial attitude

(4) Investment Capacity of Rs. 10 – 15 Lakhs

(5) 2,000 – 2,500 Square feet of built-up space, by preference on the ground floor in a residential locality

3. Little Millennium Preschool Franchise Benefits:

(1) Lucky chance to partner with India’s best education company and the inventors of Smart Class and Educomp

(2) Access to “Seven Petal” preschool curriculum build by childcare experts

(3) Marketing And Branding Support to enhance number of preschool admissions

(4) Inclusive Training is given across the year

(5) Proper Academic Support is offered to help the franchise in executing curriculum

(6) Counseling on Local Area Marketing idea and functioning a Day Care Center and activity center to maximize brand alertness

(7) Management of preschool operations by bringing an access to IT/Software Systems

(8) Relief in preschool teacher selection, teacher training, and performance assessment

(9) Access to perfect advice from experts to identify a appropriate location, and set up world-class preschool infrastructure

(10) Exceptional advice on local area marketing to bring more admissions and maximize brand knowledge

4. Necessary Requirements for Franchise Investment:

(1) Single Unit: INR 10 L – INR 15 L

(2) Franchise Fee amount: INR 2.5 L

(3) Equipment: Contained In Single Unit Investment

(4) Furniture And Fixtures: Contained in the single unit investment

(5) Advertising / Marketing: Brochures / Pamphlet / Marketing Materials would be offered by the brand

(6) The Expected Pay Back Period: 12 – 15 Months

(7) The Expected Return On Investment To The Franchisee: 150% – 200%

(8) Looking Growth In Areas: Pan India

(9) Required Property For Franchise moment: Residential Ground Floor

(10) Required  Floor Area: 1500 Sq.ft – 3000 Sq ft

5. Details needed for Franchisee Training:

(1) The Field  Assistance Available  For  Franchisees: Yes

(2) Franchise  Training programs required: Yes

(3) Accurate Operating Manuals  For Franchisees: Yes

(4) Need of IT Systems: Computer, Printer & CCTV Camera

(5) An Assistance  From Head Office To Franchisee: Yes

6. Other Details regarding Franchisee :

(1) Have a standard Franchise Agreement: Yes

(2) Franchise Term: 5 Years ( Renewable )

7. Terms and Conditions:

Indian Laws manage the terms and conditions. All the disputes, controversies and fights that arise out of the Program shall be decided by using the proper judicial process and the court of Delhi shall have absolute jurisdiction to any matter arising hereof.

8. Refund and Cancellation policy for Franchise:

The amount will be refunded back to the customer’s account within 5-8 working days if the payment is not profitable. In addition, no refunds for online payments once accepted.

9. Franchise Inquiry:


(2) SOUTH INDIAPhone: +91-9884056699 / +91-9731322777 / +91- 9962556555

(3) EAST INDIAPhone: +91-8819023000 /

(4) WEST INDIAPhone: +91-9819212021 /

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