How To Open Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Dealership

Mahanagar Gas Station is India’s greatest natural gas dispersion entity that implements different types of services to its various set of customers. It matches the kind of requirements belonging to natural gas and needs of customers from all steps of life.

Fundamentally a shared deal business between United Kingdom’s B G Group and India’s Gail Ltd. companies, Mahanagar Gas CNG is a beneficial natural gas deliver organizations in India.

Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Dealership

How feasible it is to become a Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise?

It is vital that Mahanagar Gas CNG station is a great entity. When we go through the customers it works in a consistent way one would naturally understand its adaptability. Mahanagar Gas CNG station contributes natural gas to around 0.87 million households on a daily basis and holds more than 2800 commercial organizations that are small in size.

It also maintains nearly 60 commercial organizations by providing gas and energy on a daily basis. While this is on the gas supplies side, Mahanagar Gas CNG station furnishes CNG 0.48 million vehicles that runs in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Mira-Bhayander and around.

Mumbai being the financial capital of India, Mahanagar Gas CNG station present an essential role in its transportation belonging to people and goods. Mahanagar Gas CNG station operates as the justification for all activities occurring in the finance capital of India every passing second.

To insert it in simple words, if Mahanagar Gas CNG station quit for a day, the financial damage which Mumbai obtains in that single day will be unbelievable and inconceivable. If we stare at the figures brass tax, we would obtain this fact without any uncertainty.

Nearly 0.21 million Rickshaws, 0.05 million Taxis, 0.2 million Cars, 3400 Best/ MSRTC/ TMT/ NMMT buses and more than 6000 LCV’s / Trucks/ Tempos and Private buses run on CNG provided by Mahanagar Gas CNG station.

With so much of the society and its transportation reliant on one great business entity that acts as the base, becoming a Franchise for Mahanagar Gas CNG station is definitely a beneficial and purposeful business as well as service venture.

Petrol and diesel being the essentials of all our life today, becoming a Mahanagar Gas CNG station is a influential business deal every wise business man would hope for.

Investment cost of Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise

The minimal amount needed to become a Mahanagar Gas CNG station is approximately 30 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs. This budget is comprehensive of the setting up and developing costs put together.

While this cost varies depending on the area the gas station requires to be set up, the area requirement acts as the support for deciding the location of Franchise.

The minimum area required to initiate a Mahanagar Gas CNG station Franchise is 7000 Sq. Ft. to 7500 Sq. Ft out of which 25 meters would be used for front view. A area of 16000 Sq. Ft. or 1500 Sq Meters is needed for setting up gas station for heavy vehicles.

Mahanagar Gas CNG station maintains that such regions assigned for Gas Stations must have ideal electricity and water supply and be free of infringement.

Application Process, Documentation & Other Procedure

Becoming a Franchise for Mahanagar Gas CNG station is a very crucial process and so it contains cumbersome documentation strategy.

Many documents wanted for refer to proof of the individual as well as his financial rating to gratify the legal requirements for approval of the same.

Download the application from Mahanagar Gas CNG station website and fill in entirely on all factors maintaining all needed information. Accurately following all the requirements will make you a Mahanagar Gas CNG station Franchise in a simple way.

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