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How to Get Royal Enfield Dealer Franchise In India

If you wish to become a Royal Enfield Dealer then you are on correct place. Royal Enfield is deliberated as one of the reputable brand motorbike among the many additional brands in India. Fundamentally a company which is entrenched in England, the brand expands over big countries including UAE, Japan, Germany, France, USA and UK.

Royal Enfield Franchise Opportunity

The brand is in continuation for over 120 years and in all these years it has continued an impressive symbol of motorbike that did not need any kind of advertising. Such is the impression that the brand has made in the minds of customers that its business structure stands as a role model for many identical brands in India and across the world.

Factors that support to the achievement of Royal Enfield dealership in India

One of the major factors that make Royal Enfield dealership a beneficial one is the well organised brand name it has acquired across the globe. The quality providing of the product is of such great levels that the vehicle is able of a long life regardless of the bad road conditions and environmental aspects. The other main factor is the fame symbol it stands for which makes the owners of the vehicle feels appreciative driving it.

Amidst the huge competition that the other two wheelers or motor bike brands face in the market, Royal Enfield stands out of the crowd as an inevitable leader. In spite of these positive aspects, Royal Enfield is most economically costing enabling affordability for all people concerned in riding a high quality famous branded motor bike.

Investment cost to become a Royal Enfield Franchise

Those who want to begin a Franchisee for Royal Enfield Motor Bikes must make 4000 Sq Ft. ready for the showroom area. While the mass amount that require to be paid to Royal Enfield parent company ranges between approximately 50 Lakhs rupees to 1 Lakhs, in addition 1 Lakhs is needed to the investment as Franchisee fee. This is also assumed to be paid to the Royal Enfield parent company. The retailer who takes the Franchisee is wonted to pay 5% out of the total gross sales every month and this is treated as the Royalty fee.

The new Franchisee can follow the service of Royal Enfield for all details about the existing and new models. They also get entire help and cooporation belonging to all query, pricing, stock opening and delivery obligations.

In fact Royal Enfield’s help is applicable for the new Franchisee right from selecting the showroom area for the new dealership. Trainings for the new Franchisees are offered from two bases namely Chandigarh and Chennai.

How to apply for the Royal Enfield dealership

Whoever wishes to apply for the Royal Enfield dealership may do so through the application available on the Royal Enfield website. Many details are inquire for in the application primarily belonging to the personal capabilities of the applicant to run the Franchisee, starting investment possibility and source of the same, activity of the proposal or plan put by the applicant, personal details like mobile number, mail ID and contact address.

Apart from accepting about the future plans of the person who aims to take a dealership, the present financial and personal portfolio of the person is also inquire for. Assure you add all the details asked for in a complete and accurate way. When your application speaks for yourself, it will naturally make the Royal Enfield management award you the honored dealership many long for.


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