Delhi Public School Franchise Requirements In India & Abroad

History tells Food, Medicine and Education industries have never seen the drawback of business at all. Particularly, Education industry has been successful hard and it has become the schedule of every Government to achieve 100% literacy in their respective states. More and more people are willing towards making their next generation an educated one so they live a convenient wise life.

Children too display so much of competitiveness now-a-days that education has become an imminent part of every man’s life. There are some institutions in India which provides education who stand a step higher than the other institutions mainly because of the quality of education they offer to their students.

Once such educational institutions which excel in the quality of education offered is the Delhi Public School (DPS). Let us go through some important information related to becoming a Franchise for this influential school.

1. Becoming a Franchise for Delhi Public School – How reasonable a decision is it?

Not everyone can open a school following the embarrassing methods required for the same. Still, the shortcut to opening a school is to become a Franchise first so you can entirely understand the hints participated in running a school.

Specifically when becoming a Franchise for an organized brand like Delhi Public School which is set up in the suitable manner meeting all set standards, you achieve your goal easily.

Becoming a Franchise for an organized brand like Delhi Public School means you will be getting the complete expert counselling from the management of DPS. This will help you to both organize as well as run a school Franchise successfully which will also pave way for you to operate into more such things in the future.

Delhi Public School is one of the trustworthy names in the education sector in India and becoming a Franchise for them is a matter of fame for a person opting for the same.

Delhi Public School has concise qualification for a person to become a Franchise. It claims that the person interested in becoming a Franchise must be well educated so he or she understands more accurately the importance of offering high quality education that would shape the future generation.

All these things expanded above goes to prove how beneficial becoming a Franchise for Delhi Public School means to a person involved in the same.

2. Cost of Investment, Area requirements and process to become a Delhi Public School Franchise

Though the initial investment cost is more associated with the area on which the school is planned to be opened, a minimum of 10 Lakhs is prescribed for opening a Delhi Public School Franchise.

Delhi Public school maintains on an area which is minimum 3000 to 4500 square foot particularly in residential locality so student enrollments become simple and easy. Once you agree on the land, an approval has to be wanted for the Franchise to be opened in the location you have seen paying an approval fee as determined by the DPS Management on a case to case basis.

This is a refundable fee. After the Delhi Public School Management accept the area identified, a Mou has to be registered and then signed between the Franchiser and the Franchise where the Franchise pays 30% amount towards Licence Fee.

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding the school construction work can initiate as per the common standards set by Delhi Public School.

3. Starting DPS Franchise : Contact details, phone number, official website

R.O. : DPS, C Block, Yamuna Puram, Bulandshahr.

Reg. Office: DPS Campus, Main Road, Madhubani


Call: +91-8979897799, +91-9557994197


Delhi Public School Franchise Enquiry

The balance fee need to be paid by the Franchise to Delhi Public School one the development is over and the school is ready to start. 20% Royalty is charged from the Franchise annually by Delhi Public School Management towards using the brand name as well as information throughout the calendar year.

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