Best Bakery Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Best Bakery Franchise Business Opportunities In India

The odor of freshly baked bread, buns and cakes, will absolutely make your heads turn, no issue even if you are in a haste. Such is the exciting odor of baked stuffs. It could be breads, buns, the delicious  honey cakes, cup cakes etc. The latest craze to this ever flourishing piece of baked items are the sugar free baked products and eggless cakes for the religious people.

Top Bakery and Sweets Franchise Business

At any time, you pass by way of a bakery which is at a stone throw from your home, or a well established bakery franchise, you would surely get regretful, and hum the rhyme” Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns”. Now, the muffin and breads may not come for a penny, but if you are concerned to make a living out of the franchise figure of popular bakers, there is a list given below for you:


Since its beginning in India, in 1905, Nilgiris has become a domestic establish name, due to their excellent products. In fact the oldest bakery in India was the first to initiate the franchise figure. If you related with them as franchisees, it is for ensure that you will be given sufficient training, apart from letting you determine the mysteries of the trade soon, making the franchise beneficial, which is a win position to both.

Frontier Biscuit Factory:

Frontier Biscuit Factory has been distributing delicious bakery stuff, since the year 1921. You require an investment, of approximately 5 to 10 lakhs, and a space of 300 sq ft, to begin the franchisee. The only value, they see in you, as a franchise, is to frame their brand, and ensure that the customer, is always contented.


The name, MONGINIS, gets you delightful, due to their enjoyable bakery products. To become their franchise, you require a low investment of around 10 lakhs, never say die attitude, to make it big. Full assistance will be given to you with the assurance of breaking even in less than two years of opening  your franchise.

Sweet Chariot:

Opened in 1981, in Bangalore, this well organized bakers and confectioners is always open to new ideas to boost devoted people to become their franchisees. If you have all these in you, you are for sure to come through in the trade and laugh your way to the bank.

The French Loaf:

This bakery immense was initiated in 2007, in Chennai. Limited area of around 150- 250 sq ft, and an investment, of around 20 lakhs, is all you require, to become their franchise. Their only quality is that your franchise should be a ground floor property, so that the customer footfalls will raise, and your business expands in leaps and bounds.

The Cake Port:

If you are a Bangalorean, and also concerned to get a franchise of a famous bakery, THE CAKE PORT, is the name to get related with. The only requirement from their side is you require to have a devoted team, to make business ascend to new heights.

Just Bake:

Just like their cakes and pastries, their tag line too is exclusive, which says, “Marriages are made in heaven, but cakes are from JUST BAKE”. You can, just bring to know, how creative you could get, since that is the only requirement they are looking for, to get related with you, as their franchise.

The Bake Shop:

This Maharashtra based bakery immense, begun in 2011, is popular for its appealing brownies, cupcakes etc, may not only make your customers querying for more, but also fill your exchequer. expertise, and a minimal investment of 10 lakhs, is all that you need to collaborate as their franchise.

Cakes N Craft:

To become a franchise of this bakery, all you require, is a starting investment of around 5 lakhs, and a premium area, of around 350 sq ft, in a prime locality, so that you can provide to populace, from all walks of life. Your hard work and devotion, will definitely take you places, due to the continuing help and inspiration.

World of Waffles:

To become the franchise of this alleged baker, you require a premium area of 1400 sq ft, and an endless attitude, to cater to the ever expanding customer base, for which you are assured a massive 25% returns on your investment in a short period of time.

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