Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise: Profits, Requirements and Costs

Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise: Profits, Requirements and Costs

Bajaj is a well organised influential two wheeler brand in India. The brand that has been in presence for many decades now is treated greatly competitive and trustworthy. The Pulsar and Discover model bikes of Bajaj have clear the market with such speedy flow there are no identical bikes till date.

Building a record in bike sales by selling over 10 Lakhs within a short period of 15 months it has collected many awards. The 250 cc Kawasaki Ninja bikes issued sometime back has induced a great revolution in the two wheeler industry. If you are the one who is delighted with two and would go in for a Franchise if finance support is available, you are the correct fit to open a Bajaj Franchise

How profitable it is to become a Bajaj Franchise

With all the above mentioned and done, it is certainly clear that becoming a Bajaj Franchisee is one of the best beneficial business deals one can aim for. Be it the brand name that has been well organised over the past few decades or the high value two wheelers it has provided to the society, becoming a Bajaj Franchise is a sure shot achievement formula.

As a Franchisee, one require not spend time, energy and finance in branding or advertising exercises since Bajaj is already a well organised brand. The excellent service offered by them has already organised them as a perfect service provider too. Owing to this very minimal or zero efforts are needed in the service field also. The greatly economical cost to become a Franchisee boosts and advise many to become a beneficial Bajaj Franchise.

Investment and Return on investment

To become a Bajaj Franchise the fundamental investment to be done is about 40 to 50 Lakhs and this also deal with spare parts and interiors. If the locality you wish to take Franchise has the sales potential of 200 bikes right from the initiating month, the starting amount to be paid will be 90 Lakhs to 1.4 Crores for opening a Franchise.

If you have a floor area of 3000 Sq. Ft. to 4000 Sq Ft. prepare, with the starting amount to be paid, you can request for a Bajaj Franchisee right away starting the application process. Apart from the amount mentioned above, Bajaj does not ask for any other deposits. One condition that Bajaj holds to safeguard sales and escaping cross selling clashes between Franchisees is that any new Franchise opened must be distanced away from the current existent one.

Bajaj offers an entire end to end training to the Franchise staff on product features and its sales procedures. When it comes to the showroom factor Bajaj provides all sorts of support belonging to the interior, layout and design of the showroom. It also provides proper guidance to the Franchise belonging to corporate norms to be pursued by them.

Any business will need some breathing time to gain return on investment done in the business. A person spending in Bajaj Franchise can want to gain profits and wish to back return on investment in a very fast manner. The wonted return on investment is around 18% to 24% every year and this involves various aspects like Spare parts sales, Workshop credit and direct vehicle sales.

How to apply for Bajaj Franchise

Application Form to apply for the Bajaj Franchise is applicable on their website.

Specify all essential details inquired for and submit the application online. If your application is picked, you will be called for  further direct discussions. Go in for the much craved Bajaj dealership and march forward towards achievement. Become one of the most successful Bajaj Franchise in India.

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