How to start a Khadim’s Store in India?

Indeed, Khadim’s is one of the best footwear retailers in India with over 800 stores nationwide. Generally, as a Family Brand, Khadim’s transfers footwear for kids, young adults, adults, and seniors in a immense variety of designs and styles. Their astonishing aim is “Fashion for Everyone”. No doubt, Khadim’s shoes are perfectly cost-effective and of reliable quality. It contributes our customers an unique value-for-money experience.

KHADIM’S, as a matter of reality, the original label of the footwear brand, integrates relief and durability with modern dignity to offer you a beautiful collection of slippers, sandals, and shoes. Ideal for everyday wear in a different variety of situations in and around home or office. A pair of Khadim’s on your feet brings you that extra confidence to take you through a exhausting day with great ease.


If you possess a commercial retail area on a rental/revenue share basis, Khadim would love to partner with you with the following requirements:

For Exclusive Brand Outlet (EBO):
Should have at least 500-1000 sq.ft (Ground Floor) in High Street Market or Mall; With an Adjacent Warehouse Area of 500-700 sq.ft; With a Minimum Frontal of 14ft; And a Minimum Market Potential of 10,000-12,000 sale per day

Brand Outlet (BO):
Should have at least 250–400 sq.ft (Ground Floor) in High Street Market or Mall; With an Adjacent Warehouse Area of 250-400 sq.ft; With a Minimum Frontal of 12ft; And a Minimum Market Potential of 5,000 sales per day



Kindly give a look at the contact information given below. Write to the respective individual/s with the necessary details, as follows:

  • Name(s) of one or all the retailers of the retail area
  • Postal Residential Address
  • Contact Numbers and eMail ID of the retailer/owners
  • Postal Address of the Retail Area
  • Retail Area Space(square feet)
  • The frontage of the Retail Area
  • Photographs of your Location
  • Demographics of the Catchment Area

Contact person(s):
S.K.Yadav – / 9830061112
Krishnendu Chatterjee – / 9830999629

Contact person(s):
S.K.Yadav – / 9830061112
Sandip Das – / 9830661396
Wilfred Louis – / 9830172722

East (West Bangal)
Contact person(s):
Sandip Das – / 9830661396
Ranjit Ghosh – / 9836573769

East (Odisha)
Contact person(s):
S.K.Seal – / 9830261963
Dhiren Choudhary – / 9338852211

North East
Contact person:
Soumen Saha – / 9836140028

Contact person:
Manas Roy Burman – / 9176651050



Specified below, are some general terms and conditions if you wish to join as a franchise partner:

A. Interior Decoration of the retail shop to be performed by Khadim’s selected interior designing vendors as per requirements of Khadim’s.

B. The proposed Exclusive Dealer is needed to purchase and handle a stock of Khadim’s Merchandise. The amount of which shall be settled after attending a Market Survey and determining the Market potential of the shop’s location. Moreover, this Stock level must rise for the festive months around the year.

C. The proposed Exclusive Dealer requires to keep and handle a refundable Security Deposit of minimum Rs.2 Lakhs.

D. At the time of the initiation of the proposed showroom, Khadim’s will be establishing and attending an Awareness Campaign and Outdoor Advertisement. The financial evaluate of which shall be transferred to the Exclusive Dealer in advance. The cost will be shared by Exclusive Dealer and Khadim’s in a 50:50 ratio almost within a budget of Rs.1 Lakh. Along with this, Khadim’s shall assist the EBO with their brand marketing activity as prepared on an annual basis.

E. The proposed Exclusive Dealer selling our Branded products must not nourish in the purchase or selling of other branded products from the showroom.

F. All payments require to be deposited by the proposed Exclusive Dealer with Khadim’s in advance at the time of processing of the Dealership Application Form.


Registered office of Khadim’s:

Khadim India Ltd.
Kankaria Estate, 5th Floor
6, Little Russell Street
Kolkata – 700 071



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